Translating Learning Outcomes in Moodle

My abstract submission for Moodlemoot AU 2010: Translating Learning Outcomes in Moodle

UPDATE: Download presentation pdf here

Presented by Srinivas Chemboli, Lauren Kane, Lynette Johns-Boast,

We present an approach to course delivery informed by Biggs’ constructive alignment theory. Constructive alignment requires that the teacher aligns the planned learning activities with the learning outcomes (Houghton, Warren, 2004).

It is generally quite difficult to translate learning outcomes into an effective course design using tools provided by a Learning Management System (LMS). This is further compounded by the difference between the language of learning outcomes and that used by an LMS.

Within our College we’ve identified the need for a process that provides a link between the pedagogy and the implementation in Moodle. To do this we have developed online instruments that help teachers link Moodle activities to learning outcomes.

We believe this not only enables teachers to leverage educational technologies to the maximum extent but also to effectively deliver a quality course that meets its identified goals and intents.

Houghton, Warren (2004) Engineering Subject Centre Guide: Learning and Teaching Theory for Engineering Academics. Loughborough: HEA Engineering Subject Centre. Accessed 30th June 2010 from:

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