This is the blog maintained by csrins (Srinivas Chemboli).

There! Now you have the telegraphic version describing this site 🙂

A bit more detail:

1. This blog is operated under the terms of service (TOS) as detailed by “Automattic Inc.” at the web page http://wordpress.com/tos/

2. The content in the blog-posts may refer to companies, organizations, publications etc. either objectively to provide what the author considers factual detail, or in a subjective opinion-piece. All copyrights, trademarks are acknowledged, and references are used only to elaborate the post content. Any views expressed are my personal opinions and are not necessarily endorsed or held by my employers (past, present, and future) or any organizations I am associated with.

3. While all efforts will be made to ensure sourcing of reference, it may not be explicitly stated when it seems to be blatantly obvious.

4.Creative Commons License
Unless otherwise stated, the posts on this blog are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 License. Other licenses will be stated as applicable. Except where otherwise indicated, all posts/content/images/text on this blog (c) 2006-2011 Srinivas Chemboli.

5. The limitation of liability, and indemnification as explained in the TOS referenced in #1 above are also to be logically extended and applied to this blog matter. No responsibility is assumed for any outcomes or results of actions or decisions based on information and matter presented in this blog.

6. Any and all comments posted on this blog are subject to moderation/approval by the blog maintainer.

7. The above clauses are meant to be human-speak and have not been drafted by a legal expert. So, at the end of the day: read, enjoy, be well and safe.


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