Reversal of Fortune

This is to be the last of ShishRumKar’s communication to the world, for he shall soon resign his fragile human self to the rigors and ordeals of the harsh life of a recluse, which shall, slowly but surely, drain all essence of life from this shell of flesh and blood.

Not five score moons ago, ShishRumKar had been a person respected and revered by many, work as he did as an instructor in fine arts to young boys and girls. However, there was one small wish which he wanted to fulfill. ShishRumKar wanted to leave his home and go to the land of the great OoomnGaRa, the Just Ruler, and for once secure a commission as an illustrator for the much adored tales spun by the master tale teller FibASha. Thus, after entrusting the teachership to an enterprising and diligent savant, he set forth to the land of OomnGaRa.

In the land, after having made suitable inquiries, he approached the commission agent, who distributed the illustration work to the artists.

“Go and learn under NagaDhaLo first, and then come to us!” he was told.

But NagaDhaLo’s fees were steep and quite unaffordable for ShishRumKar. However, taking pity on ShishRumKar, the great teacher agreed to impart to him half the knowledge, for he could pay only half.

ShishRumKar became proficient enough to secure commissions for various tales which were given up as impossible to illustrate. Spring was slave to ShishRumKar’s command, and for him this season never seemed to end. With smiling fortune at his side, ShishRumKar asked for NagaDhaLo’s daughter FareACa’s hand.

Now came ShishRumKar’s ultimate glory. He was commissioned to illustrate a story by FibASha, especially for OomnGaRa. FibASha’s tale was a wondrous concoction of all those delectable fantasies woven together which make the art of storytelling oh so desirable.

“You must give us the illustrations in a week!”

“That I will gladly do so,” agreed ShishRumKar. So elated was ShishRumKar, that he illustrated the tale based on his and FareACa’s likenesses.

However a week after, he received a note from FareACa.

“To ShishRumKar

“From FareACa, Daughter of NagaDhaLo, the maiden who had in a wild submission to spring, lost her reason.

“When the honorable ShishRumKar cannot for once care for the honor of FareACa whose head he has sworn to hold high for the rest of her life, he cannot expect her to tie the holy knot with him.”

At the last instant, FibASha had withdrawn his story, and ShishRumKar’s illustrations bearing uncanny likeness to FareACa had been used in accompaniment to a macabre tale of ogres and demons.

Thus, gathering up his wilted brushes and devastated sheets of fine parchment, ShishRumKar shall leave for the mountains, driven away from a capricious world, a victim of the ever-slaying sword of fickle fate.

Copyright (c) 2017 Srinivas Chemboli (@csrins)

All rights reserved.