Moodle Context Plugin

UPDATE: This could not be presented at Moodlemoot AU 2011 as scheduled.

My abstract submission for Moodlemoot AU 2011: Moodle Context Plugin

We present the MOODLE Context plugin, a workflow plugin to capture and represent concepts, ideas, intellectual effort and rationale in course design and implement them using tools and resources provided by the MOODLE Learning Management System.

Effective design and delivery of courses requires alignment between the planned learning activities and the learning outcomes. However, it is generally not trivial to translate learning outcomes into course design using tools provided by MOODLE. This is further compounded by the differences between the language of andragogy and that used by MOODLE. Thus, there is a need to effectively capture the ‘rationale’ for design decisions in a course and map them to desired outcomes.

First, learning objectives and outcomes of a course are captured using an enhanced model of curriculum design. These concerns are then represented in terms of existing educational models. Finally, the design decisions for a course are implemented using MOODLE activities, enabling a two-way mapping between the educational goals and the underlying technological platform.

The MOODLE Context Plugin will facilitate the alignment between course goals and MOODLE activities and resources. The theoretical underpinnings of the MOODLE Context Plugin were presented at Moodleposium AU 2010 [1]. In this presentation we demonstrate the prototype implementation of the plugin. This plugin will improve the connection between the goals and intent of a course and its delivery.

[1]       S. Chemboli, “Contextualising learning outcomes and course design in Moodle,” Moodleposium 2010, Canberra, Australia.

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