PCLinuxOS 2008 MiniMe Released

To quote Texstar from http://www.pclinuxos.com

Here is a little MiniMe 2008 (296mb) you can play with and customize the way you want. Comes with kernel, Alsa 1.0.15 and a very basic KDE 3.5.8 desktop. This is a minimal LiveCD that is bootable, plus it can be installed. Add in your own background, window decoration, localizations, preferred applications and supporting libraries to fully trick out your desktop. In addition you can remaster your own custom version of PCLinuxOS. Have fun!

Window decoration is Linsta Squared:
Credit to: Nagy Ferenc

Background comes from kde-look.org:
Credit to: Yanike, Anortix, sparX CG and Jeff Rash for making the original theme.

Other changes:
I moved Internet setup and Clock setup to a Utilities folder on the users desktop. Only one question at boot to select the keyboard. Other utilities
include Alsa sound configuration, Ati/Nvidia installation tool (requires network connection), Make LiveCD GUI, Make Live USB key and Redo-mbr with os-prober for adding other grub boot entries into your grub menu.  Root password and user setup moved to first boot after installation to harddrive. Also included on the livecd are ndiswrapper support files supporting various wireless network cards and more.

More Information here:


Again, this is a stripped down version of PCLinuxOS. You will have to customize your desktop the way you want with your own preferred applications through the Synaptic Software Manager.