TQM [Total Quality MIS-Management]

August 30, 2006 § Leave a comment

openSUSE 10.1 is a good release with a showstopper bug. The package manager bug is not resolved in a satisfactory manner, and woe be on the poor soul who tries to follow the instructions on the opensuse site. S/he will very likely find her/him/self in the position of the hapless washerperson in the story of the donkey, the village washerman, and the villagers.After sucking in almost a 100 MB worth of data, the recommended procedure doesn’t yield any results whatsoever. You’re much better off following the instructions here and here too

To their credit, the openSUSE download page contains a BEFORE YOU INSTALL READ THIS: set of instructions. But it’s more like a try this or that or maybe that or … wait… try something else kind of adventure. What the good doctor ordered was a lucid explanation, not a plethora of experiences.

However, what would have been exemplary was an add-on download to rectify the package installer problem to accompany new installs. If there’s not too little documentation, then there’s too much noise. Either is not a good thing.

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