It’s Not Ready if it’s Broke

June 9, 2006 § Leave a comment

24+ hours into using SUSE, and you realize there's something fundamentally wrong with the Gold Master (persisting all the way since the RC)!

  • Hardware detection: check
  • System performance and responsivity: check
  • Package installation: … uh, what's the opposite of check?

The default package manager in SUSE linux 10.1 is broken and eminently unusable, and that's putting it in a genteel person's vocabulary. Of course, there exists a workable alternate, detailed here, but it's incredible that such a major defect was left unattended in a final release.

The moral: if you're going to introduce a spanking new program which has had perfunctory testing at the most, do not get rid of the old tool which works.

If nothing else, chalk it up to bad software management policies.


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