PCLinuxOS 0.93 MiniMe

April 24, 2006 § Leave a comment

To quote Texstar from the following announcement:

The PCLinuxOS 0.93 MiniMe 286 mb

PCLinuxOS 0.93 MiniMe is available for download and testing. This release is for those (advanced users) who have been asking for a minimum livecd/hd install allowing for full personalization. This release includes 2.6.15-oci3 kernel, Basic KDE 3.5.2 desktop (kdebase and kdelibs only) , PCLOS Control Center, the Synaptic Software Installer and a customized xorg server from Thac to provide additional 3D support for many graphic cards.

The Full Version of PCLinuxOS 0.93 is currently being worked up and should be available soon.

So, while the main thrust of this release is for people with requirements for customized livecds based off the PCLinuxOS base, and regular users can wait with gleeful expectation for the final 0.93 release, the 0.93 MiniMe does have a few "regular" uses too!

  • Runs and installs excellently on dated hardware (I've tested it with a PII 350 with 128 meg of RAM)
  • Python-powered, with PyQT boosters makes learning the language fun 🙂
  • Add the multimediapack from the repositories for the audiophiles
  • An excellent tool to learn and understand the building blocks of how distros are assembled together. In this case, the MiniMe is very newbie oriented, learn and have fun at the same time!

For a complete distro, it's definitely worth waiting for the 0.93 release version! But if you just need to customize that something extra on an excellent base, then the MiniMe's just what the doctor ordered!


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